There has been some talk of putting people on Mars and the possibility of a space colony.  If you have a colony, there would surely be a few births on that colony.  Now, as an astrologer, I would like to see the birth charts of these people born on a different planet but does lend a few problems.

1) They are not born on Earth!!
Obviously, it would be the biggest obstacle to doing a chart.  So, if the “Martians” would even come back to Earth, you wouldn’t be able to use an earth chart because they would be born on Mars. The Zodiac would remain the same but planets will be viewed from Mars and therefore have different cycles.

2) Birthdays
Mars has an equivalent day as we do, around 24 hours and 7 minutes. Mars has a different yearly cycle, so programs would have to set up for that.  People would have a non-Earth birthday and non-Earth time.  The year is almost twice as long as ours, 687 earth days.    If you were 18 years old on Earth, you would be 9 1/2 on Mars.  If they have the same drinking laws as most of Canada, you would have to be 10 years old.  “We card everyone who looks under 12”!!

3) What year would it be?
This isn’t much of an issue.  You could call it year 0 when the colony would have been started.  Planetary movements would vary from then.  Moving forward or backwards in time, we would know the position of the planets. 

4) Planetary Meanings
I guess we could keep the same planetary meanings as before but since being born on Mars, Earth would become a planet.  So….does that mean Earth takes the place of Mars as the “angry red planet”?  Mars has a red appearance and is associated with Mars, the god of war, and therefore the red is associated with blood, aggression and violence.  Since we, on Earth, have not had a year without violence, I can see how our blue planet can take over that moniker with ease.  As far as the other planets go, they could have the same meanings.

5) Planetary Cycles
It would be interesting for people as they would go through different planetary cycles.  Since Mars is further out but has a longer cycle around the Sun and being farther out, would that make Pluto cycles longer or shorter?  They would probably travel farther in the retrograde cycles and they will probably not last as long.  Mercury, and Venus, cling closer to the Sun and now Earth would be thrown into that orbit.  Mercury doesn’t get more than 28° from the Sun but on Mars that would be even closer.  Venus could drop from 48° to 28° and Earth would probably be around 45°.  

What would happen to the Saturn return?  I believe it will be roughly in the same time frame.

Interesting points to ponder while it might not happen in my lifetime, some of the younger astrologers might have this point to consider!


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