FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is the organization that governs the sport of football, or soccer, as it is known in a handful of nations. They are responsible for the rules and regulations of the game. From the size of the ball to the officiating, all aspects are governed by the organization. The world’s biggest sporting event is the World Cup. Americans think the Super Bowl is the largest viewed sporting event, with 99 million viewers. The World Cup has 3.3 billion viewers and is surprisingly second to the Tour De France, which gets 3.5 billion viewers.

When the USA was awarded the World Cup in 1994, they wanted commercial breaks in the middle of the game. FIFA laughed at them and said NO! There are no commercial breaks in the beautiful game! This must have been a shock to the American establishment, which is used to getting what they want. You don’t change the rules of the game just because the USA is now hosting the event.

Just because FIFA is the governing body doesn’t mean it is squeaky clean and morally upright. There was controversy in awarding the World Cup to Russia and, subsequently, awarding Qatar the event. The controversy surrounding Qatar is they did not have one football stadium or a football league program. Many migrant workers died working on the stadiums in this oil-rich nation.

“FIFA, meanwhile, was quick to portray itself as the victim in all this. The global sports body argued, and the Justice Department ultimately agreed, that it was a bystander that a range of individuals and entities used to achieve their own (often corrupt) aims. When the department seized over $201 million from the accounts of former FIFA officials involved in bribery, money laundering and kickback schemes, the U.S. government subsequently gave that money back to FIFA as compensation. FIFA put that money into a new fund with the aim of boosting the organization’s broader work in the community and helping to promote women’s and girls’ soccer.” Washington Post analyst Dan Hough.

Birthchart of the Organisation

What does the chart of the organization have to say? FIFA first met on 21 May 1904 at 14:30 in Paris, France.


  1. The chart has Libra on the Ascendant, which is a social sign for a social organization governing the world’s most popular sport. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in its own sign of Taurus in the eighth house of other’s finances, corruption, hidden affairs, secrets, and treasures. Mercury, the planet of money, is conjunct Venus, the planet of values. The Sun, the organization’s identity, is in the eighth house as well but on the cusp of the ninth house of global reach.
  2. Neptune, the planet of deception, is on the cusp of the tenth house, or the organization’s head. There could be dealings that are obscured, and there is an illusion of doing what is right all the while something else is going on. In other words, the group is not what it seems.
  3. The second house of money has two rulers because Libra is on the cusp, and Scorpio is intercepted. Venus is in the secretive eighth house of other people’s money and is intercepted. Mars, the secondary ruler, is in the ninth house of foreign lands and trines the Ascendant. This interpretation could be seen as the organization easily getting money from around the world.


Scandals & Corruption

On 27 May 2015, 41 officials of FIFA were charged with wire fraud, racketeering, and money laundering.



  1. Transiting Saturn is opposite the Sun and Mars. Saturn represents difficulties, challenges, and a need for order. It is opposite the Sun or the leadership of the group. Saturn is also opposite Mars, which rules the organization’s seventh house of open enemies and its second house of finances.
  2. Uranus deals with surprises and revelations; it is on Jupiter, the planet that rules law. Jupiter rules the chart’s third house of communication and the sixth house of employees.



As one can see, the birth of an organization has a chart that will reflect the events of the organization, both positive and negative. The chart would be read just as one would do for the chart of a person with the appropriate adjustments, such as the Sun is the leader as opposed to your guiding principle. Although, it can be argued that the leader is the organisation’s guiding principle.

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