Horay Astrology

Horary Astrology is the branch of astrology in which one can ask a question and obtain an answer based on the time that the person poses the question to the astrologer. In the case of medical astrology, a person may pose a question such as “What is ailing me?” or “Will I die from this illness?” Also, one can diagnose the illness from the “first lying down” chart. This is the chart based on the time when the illness was first detected or in other words when the patient first had to lie down.

Background: My Parrot had been laying many eggs over the past year and I did not realise that they are only supposed to lay 3 eggs once a year. She got sick on Friday, May 13, 2005. I noticed she was bleeding from her vent hole at 14:37. This the common hole for her urethra, anus and womb. After a bit I notice something pop out the hole. It was her uterus. I noted the time and later I casted the illness chart.



Virgo is on the Ascendant and is ruled by Mercury. Therefore, Mercury represents the Coco. Also, as in all Horary questions, the Moon is the co-ruler of the querent, so in this case the patient or the bird. The Moon is in Cancer which rules the womb. Saturn, the Greater Malefic, is in Cancer and is conjunct the Moon. This would indicate that there would be issues with the reproductive system or the womb.

With Mars, the Minor Malefic in the 6th house of illness conjunct Uranus (quickness), I knew that the parrot would need surgery soon since Mars represents fevers and surgeons.

Mercury (Coco) sextiling Mars would suggest that the surgery would be okay. However, with Mercury in an Earth sign would suggest there was some wasting away happening. I found out later that with excessive egg laying the parrot will deplete it self of essential minerals.

Mars, the ruler of Scorpio on the cusp of the 8th house of death is aspecting Mercury, the ruler of the chart. Mercury is also in the 8th house of death, combined with Saturn conjuncting the Moon would suggest the future doesn’t look promising for Coco.

Mars in the 6th house of illness suggests fevers or issues with the genitals as Mars rules the sex organs. Mars conjunct Uranus suggests incurable or sudden issues. Neptune, ruling anaesthetics, on the cusp of the 6th suggests that they could contribute to the problem. The vetrinarian seems to think that anesthetic could have caused some complications which resulted in her death.

Mercury in 7° will quincunx Jupiter (ruler of 4th house of endings) and sextile Mars (ruler of 8th house of death) resulting in death. For the timing it could be days, weeks, months. Since Mercury is in a fixed sign and succeedant house, it could be weeks but with Uranus next to Mars it would be quicker so probably days. Also Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood, and since a parrot takes her owner as a mate is was also a sign that did not bode well for Coco.

The bird went in for an operation on Tuesday. It was successful. Thursday, she was sluggish and her uterus popped out again. She went in for surgery on Friday again and just came out of the anaesthetic and her heart rate started to drop. She died just after noon seven days after the illness was discovered.