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Neptune astrologically is a planet associated with escapism, and along those veins, it also rules drugs and alcohol.   Therefore if there are characteristics that exemplify an alcoholic, we would expect to see some type of planetary connections, and if so, which ones?

The study examined the charts of 242 alcoholics (from Astrodatabank) against a control group of 1788 non-alcoholics. The number of occurrences of the control group is normalised to the number of alcoholics. Because we have a larger control group, we would more than likely get a more significant number. Therefore, the control group number would have to be normalised to get a better comparison. Let’s say for a particular criterium, there are 15/242 alcoholics, but the control group had 50/1788 then the control group normalised would be 6.7/242. This way, we could conclude that the criterium would appear more than double in the charts of alcoholics versus the control group in this study.

Study of Aspects

In the study, we looked at the 5 Ptolemaic aspects plus the more difficult minor aspects: the quincunx,  the semi-square, and the sesquiquadrate. The Chi-Square cut off was set to 4 because 3.85 is the lower limit for a statistically significant statistic.


Sun/Moon = 10°, Planets and angles = 7° for Ptolemaic aspects

All points for semisquares, sesquiquadrates, & quincunx = 3°

Note: for interpreting the results Often means the event occurs often in charts of alcoholics where Seldom means it does not.


Neptune conjunct Solar  Prenatal eclipse 23 66 8.9 34.4 100.00% OFTEN
Neptune trine Chiron 50 218 29.5 26.7 100.00% OFTEN
Neptune square Chiron 30 132 17.9 14.6 100.00% OFTEN
Neptune quincunx Moon 16 62 8.4 11.4 99.90% OFTEN
Neptune semi square Ascendant 11 44 6 7 99.20% OFTEN
Neptune square Mars 25 132 17.9 5.2 97.70% OFTEN
Neptune quincunx Saturn 12 55 7.4 4.7 97.00% OFTEN
Neptune sesquiquadrate Mercury 14 68 9.2 4.3 96.20% OFTEN
Neptune sextile Mercury 25 137 18.5 4.1 95.80% OFTEN
Neptune opposite Mercury 12 57 7.7 4.1 95.70% OFTEN


The highest contributor is Neptune conjunct the pre-natal solar eclipse, which is interesting seeing that eclipse is a powerful point. What is also interesting to note is that you do not see Jupiter, the planet of excessiveness, in the aspects to Neptune. Mercury and Chiron also rank high.

Positive aspects to Chiron and Mercury rank high.

Here are the events that seldom appear in the charts of alcoholics.

Neptune conjunct Chiron 5 134 18.1 19.7 100.00% SELDOM
Neptune square Jupiter 11 148 20 8.2 99.60% SELDOM
Neptune semisquare Moon 3 67 9.1 8.1 99.50% SELDOM
Neptune trine Jupiter 10 134 18.1 7.3 99.30% SELDOM
Neptune quincunx Ascendant 3 60 8.1 6.3 98.90% SELDOM
Neptune sesquiquadrate Moon 3 58 7.9 5.9 98.50% SELDOM
Neptune opposite MC 6 85 11.5 5.2 97.70% SELDOM
Neptune sesquiquadrate North Node 3 53 7.2 4.7 97.00% SELDOM
Neptune trine Moon 20 206 27.9 4.6 96.70% SELDOM

Study of Neptune in Houses

The only thing that came up is that Neptune in the succedent houses appears in the charts of alcoholics.

Neptune in 3rd 10 152  20.6 11.1 99.90% SELDOM
Neptune in Succedent Houses 94 601   81.3 5.2 97.70% OFTEN
Neptune in Cadent Houses 69 596 80.7 4.5 96.60% SELDOM

One needs to note that if you have one aspect that does not make you an alcoholic.  If you have several from the OFTEN and much fewer from the SELDOM you have the potential to be an alcoholic.  If you have more

SELDOM type aspects over OFTEN type aspects then that means no.  If you have 50-50 then it is a wash.

Moreover, this study will need further analysis including other aspects, criteria (eg. Sun, Moon, Ascendant), and the creation of a Neural Net model.  A Neural Net is an artificial intelligence model where you will be able to input additional charts and it will determine if they have the tendency to be alcoholics.



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