(November 2021)

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Can you predict the weather? How do they do it in the Farmer’s Almanac?

The answer to that is astrology. By looking at the charts for the quarter moons for an area, you can predict the weather for that period. CBC’s website gave a timeline for the flooding and mudslides in British Columbia, which washed out railroads and highways in the centre of the province, cutting off the west from the rest of Canada.





According to the renowned astrologer C.C. Zain, an expert in weather prediction, most of the weather can be predicted from the fourth house and then the first house. One should also look at the planets in those houses. You also examine the aspects to the cusps as well as the aspects to planets in those houses.

The planets have specific meanings with regards to the weather.  According to Zain:

  • Sun is dry but will produce lightning.
  • Moon tends to chill and is wet. 
  • Mercury is cold, dry and windy. 
  • Venus makes colder weather warmer, hot weather cooler, storms milder. 
  • Mars is hot, but it can be very cold when afflicted. 
  • Jupiter is warm & breezy. 
  • Saturn is stormy and causes weather extremes: the hottest, the coldest, the wettest, the driest, etc. 
  • Uranus is cold, favouring sudden temperature changes, also squalls & wind gusts. 
  • Neptune produces freak weather, fog, dust, smoke, etc. 
  • Pluto is cool, breezy & wet. Afflicted, it can be nasty.

Zain states that a majority of the weather comes from the 4th


Using this information, let us examine the British Columbia flooding. The rains started on 12 November 2021. The storm touched down the next day by 11:00, where torrential rain began falling across much of the province. I picked Chilliwack to set the chart for the quarter moon before the rain started.




  • Capricorn is on the cusp of the fourth house, and Saturn is the ruler of the fourth house in the fourth Zain says it brings storms and extreme ones.
  • Jupiter is conjunct the Moon in the fourth The Moon is chilly and wet, but it is next to warm and breezy Jupiter. However, astrologically Jupiter expands and makes things bigger, so in this case, it brings an abundance of wet weather.
  • Saturn is square to Mercury and Mars. Mercury is windy, and Mars is also violent. Mars and Mercury are opposite Uranus, who also squares the extreme weather Saturn. Uranus is chaotic and brings about sudden events.
  • Pluto is conjunct the fourth house cusp, bringing breezy and wet weather, but it is also violent, and it is in a harsh square aspect to the ascendant.


As one can see, the chart depicted the weather conditions, although the severity level might be harder to ascertain.

Neptune brings about freak weather conditions, and it is in a quincunx to the ascendant, which could explain the flooding. It is also squaring the previous eclipse, which trines the ascendant, providing some fodder to the fuel of the chart.


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